Siirry pääsisältöön

The Finnish National Theatre’s Touring Stage brings art into the everyday life of healthcare, social work and correctional facilities. The goal of the Touring Stage, set up in 2010, is to further health, well-being and equality through art. We organize live performances in places where they are not normally available. We bring art to the heart of these institutions – in fact, into people’s homes. Whether it is seniors’ residential units and daytime activity centres, psychiatric units and rehabilitation centres, childcare services, assisted living facilities for the disabled, prisons and reception centres: all can book Touring Stage performances. Our methods also involve close contact with the audience and workshops for the facilities’ residents.

With the aim of keeping the cost of performances reasonably low, the Finnish National Theatre co-finances the touring performances for care homes and prisons. We also charge a service fee, which varies according to the performance. We welcome sponsors and partners from the healthcare and social service sectors to assist with the production and financing of the projects. It is the responsibility of both arts and social service institutions to look after the cultural needs of those living in prisons and care facilities.

In 2019, the Touring Stage put on a total of 76 performances and 6 workshops. Of those performances, 57 took place in Helsinki and 19 elsewhere in Finland. One of the workshops were held in Helsinki, while 5 were held in other parts of Finland. There were a total of 27 freelance artistes involved in the activities provided by the Touring Stage.