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The Finnish National Theatre’s Touring Stage

The Finnish National Theatre’s Touring Stage brings art into the everyday life of healthcare, social work and correctional facilities. The goal of the Touring Stage, set up in 2010, is to further health, well-being and equality through art. We organize live performances in places where they are not normally available. We bring art to the heart of these institutions – in fact, into people’s homes. Whether it is seniors’ residential units and daytime activity centres, psychiatric units and rehabilitation centres, childcare services, assisted living facilities for the disabled, prisons and reception centres: all can book Touring Stage performances. Our methods also involve close contact with the audience and workshops for the facilities’ residents.

The Touring Stage develops its projects through interaction with different kinds of marginalized groups. It creates socially inclusive documentary theatre. The methods involve research at grass roots level, field work in institutions, close contact with the public and workshops organized for the residents of various units. One of the Touring Stage´s goals is to make the voices of the marginalized groups heard and engage in societal discussion through art, thus making a deeper and broader connection between the artistic establishment and the community.

In 2019, the Touring Stage put on a total of 50 performances and 4 workshops. Of those performances, 47 took place in Helsinki and 3 elsewhere in Finland. All of the workshops were held in other parts of Finland. There were a total of 28 freelance artistes involved in the activities provided by the Touring Stage.